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If the Hat Fits

I know a lot of people aren't really into Halloween. I, myself, love "cute" Halloween. I am not into the really scary stuff but the cute.... oh yes!!

So that being said, lets make a cute wooden Halloween hat that can be displayed anywhere in the house for some "cute" Halloween cheer.

What you will need:

-Scrap wood cut into a triangle and oval. Mine is approx. 12" tall and 8" wide for the triangle and the oval is appox 10" length wise.

-Black paint or paint color of your choose

-Ribbon, buttons, flowers, whatever you choose to "cute" it up.

-Hot glue gun/wood glue

Step one: once you have your wood pieces cut you will need to paint them. Easy peesy right?

Step two: I decorated the top of my hat, the triangle, before I glued them together. It was much easier to decorate this way. I simply took three different ribbons, cut to fit all the way around the bottom of the triangle and glued it in the back. Once I had the ribbon on I added some raffia, pip berries, and a small styrofoam pumpkin I cut in half.

Step three: I glued the triangle to the middle of the oval and voila, you have a cute witches hat.

How simple of a project using scraps of wood and things I already had laying around the craft room. There are so many ways you could add to this amazingly cute witches hat. Stencils, stickers, flowers... endless possibilities. I hope this inspires you.

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